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Every now and then - someone comes along and says "Hey that's a clone - it doesn't say SJCAM on the case" - This is incorrect and you might want to know the story behind this.
The upload date on the video is Feb 4 2014. At this time there were no clones as the SJ4000 had only just come out a couple of weeks earlier. Companies can't clone what doesn't exist.
I believe that this was the first review of the SJ4000 on youtube. 

I gave the warning in this video that it was likely copies of this camera would start appearing soon. I had experienced this effect before with various popular mini cameras, and as expected, a few months later SJ4000 clones did start to appear.

The clones were the reason for the later SJCAM rebrand - I was in touch with the manufacturers shortly after reviewing their earlier SJ1000 camera (a few months before this video). Whilst communicating with them I suggested that they start branding their camera with a recognisable name rather than just a number so people could better identify their models and avoid buying the clones.

When they introduced the SJ4000 WiFi camera they started branding all their cameras with the SJCAM name. The manufacturers true name is Shenzhen Hong Feng Century Technology Company Limited which doesn't trip off the tongue (or fit on a camera).